Flipping Residential Rentals
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Flipping Residential Rentals

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Class teaches you how to successfully target and sell rental house and small apartment project flips, plus where to find buyers and sellers.  

Learn how to flip rental houses and small apartment projects from someone who's actually done it successfully right here in Alabama.  Real estate broker, attorney, experienced investor and REALLY popular speaker Denise Evans shares her secrets with you.  Earns 3 hours of real estate CE, but also open to public. Course is an overview of:

  • Different flipping strategies--selling contracts, options, properties
  • Categories of flip buyers and their motivations
  • Rental property arithmetic--so easy, you can't even call it "math"
  • Identifying and pricing flip opportunities
  • Contracts and due diligence
  • Assembling the marketing package
  • PLUS: A real world exercise with class participation


  • Detailed class slides
  • Property evaluation checklist with explanatory notes
  • Essential contract clauses with explanations
  • Property valuation software using Excel
  • Option contract

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lauren McCarley

    As always Denise delivers. This was my second class with her and I always get so much out of it. Highly recommend.

    Denise McConico

    This was my second class with Denise and it was just as awesome as the other class. She will answer your questions and respond to your emails afterwards. I will definately sign up for more classes in the future.

    Bryan Miles

    Denise is a wealth of information. Why have i not taken classes from her before? Thanks for a great 3 hours.

    Sheila Ward

    GREAT CLASS!! I learned so much in this class! I think I've missed some major deals because of not being able to recognize them, and not being able to negotiate very well. I recommend this class to anyone who invests in rental properties. Using the information learned, I was able to successfully re-finance my rentals, pull out equity, and will buy some more. Denise is ACES in my book!

    Hale Smith

    I took 2 (3 hour) courses last week with Denise from Butler Evans Education and found the course was very informative and interactive. I feel as though I got my money's worth and then some from the Real Estate Tax Information Course and Buying and Selling Rental Property course. Denise was very personable and took the time to make sure we all understood the information. I will use Butler Evans Education again and recommend it to any agents or brokers looking for a quality continuing education experience.