Problem Tenant
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Problem Tenants

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Approved for 3 hours real estate CE credit, also open to public. Learn how to deal effectively with problem tenants.  

Learn how to deal with common problem tenant issues:

  • The Deadbeat - credit management and default
  • The Secret Agent - always refuses access to premises
  • The Blackmailer - threatens to sue  you over black mold, other habitability issues
  • Fluffy the ESA Pit Bull - handing bogus ESA requests
  • The Weedeater - medical marijuana and Fair Housing
  • Everybody's Friend - takes in roommates, relatives, lost dogs, etc
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving - tenant gone, stuff remains behind
  • The Wrecking Ball - property damage problems
  • The Overworked Lawyer - never seems to get your work done in a timely manner
Class downloads include a copy of my famous "Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedules" that attaches collectible fees as consequences for bad (or even just annoyingly time consuming) behavior.

In-person and live online classes approved for 3 hours of real estate CE credit, course #570. Also open to public.  Pre-recorded video does not earn CE credit.

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Rachel Williams

Denise is able to translate cross-disciplinary experience in a way that is personable and easy to understand.

Jennifer Brewster

Denise is always full of great information and helpful tips.