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Great instructor

I've learned a lot from several of Denise's classes. She is very knowledgeable in her field and can break things down so I could understand it.

Foreclosure Investing
William Gunter
Very informative class

Denise was very thorough in covering the subjet matter.

Great Info

I am looking into Foreclosure Investing so I did what I always do - To learn from the best, I also loved the Q&A during and after the class too!

Monroe Jackson
Expert Guidance and Reassurance: Denise Evans Delivers Exceptional Advice

I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Attorney Denise Evans, a true luminary in the field of Tax Deed investing. Denise, whom I consider my YouTube hero, provided me with invaluable insights and guidance that exceeded my expectations.

As a newcomer to the realm of Tax Deed investing, I sought Denise's expertise to ensure I was on the right track and adhering to current laws. From the outset, Denise demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of Tax Deed investing, quickly addressing the specific concerns I had. Her ability to distill complex legal concepts into clear, comprehensible explanations reassured me and left me confident in the decisions I needed to make.

Denise's dual expertise as a nationally recognized authority on Tax Deed investing and a real estate agent uniquely positions her as a trusted advisor. Her judgment, rooted in a wealth of experience, instills a sense of confidence that is invaluable, especially in the intricate landscape of real estate law.

The information Denise shared during our conversation was not only thorough but also served to corroborate much of my independent research. This alignment reinforced my confidence that I was indeed on the right track and provided valuable insights that complemented my existing knowledge. Denise's guidance not only kept me in line with current legal requirements but also assured me that navigating the complexities of Tax Deed investing could be executed in a timely and efficient manner.

In conclusion, Denise Evans is a beacon of expertise and reassurance in the realm of Tax Deed investing. Whether you're a novice or seasoned investor, Denise's guidance is indispensable. I wholeheartedly endorse Denise Evans for her exceptional legal acumen, unwavering professionalism, and the confidence she instills in those fortunate enough to seek her counsel.

A Great Value!

Denise is a great teacher and provides her client's with an insider's view to the legal profession. The knowledge I've gained has saved me more money than I've spent.

Foreclosure Review

Very good presentation. Questions answered and discussion.

Zachary Wright
Super-helpful with Tax Deed Issue

Denise advised me through a deed issue. She had been highly recommended by numerous people. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was very responsive and guided me clearly through every step. If I ever needed anything else in this area, she would absolutely be the first person I contacted.

After Tyler v. Hennepin County: What Impact on Alabama Tax Sales?
Antonio Espinoza
to be continued . . . .

Can relevant facts, holdings & elements of Tyler v. Hennepin County be applied to Alabama Tax Sales? The opening term of the most conservative Supreme Court in a generation was supposed to bring an eruption of pent-up ideological rage. However, the Supreme Court defies critics with wave of unanimous decisions such as it did in fascinating case of Tyler v. Hennepin County.
Tyler filed a putative class action against Hennepin County arguing that the County had unconstitutionally retained the excess value of her home above her tax debt in violation of the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment and the Excessive Fines Clause of the Eighth Amendment. On May 25, 2023, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Eighth Circuit's decision. The Court held that Tyler had stated a claim under the Takings Clause, it did not reach the question of whether Hennepin County's practice constituted a fine within the meaning of the Excessive Fines Clause

Great Book!

I bought this book ( older version ) in 2018 and learned everything from it to start investing in Alabama. I loved it so much and bought it again this year to learn more strategies on Tax lien purchase and to keep up with the ever changing legislatures and new court decisions. Thank you Denise to make things so easy to understand and very practical to use.

Tax Lien Judicial Foreclosure

I greatly enjoyed the course. Ms. Denise was super knowledgeable in all facets of this process. I look forward to utilizing the information that I learned in our future real estate investing.

clear and concise information

I'm a beginner in tax investing, and I greatly appreciate how thorough Denise was in explaining the judicial process. It left me with a clear understanding of my next steps!

Great class with useful information

The course packed a lot of information. Denise did a great job explaining and simplifying concepts about Tax Lien Judicial Foreclosure in a very clear way. I really enjoyed the course because it was extremely informative, helpful and Denise made it easy to follow. I would highly recommend this course to others

Well worth it

Denise Evans always has good information and no exception here. Judicial foreclosures are necessary for for the new tax lien certificate system and Denise takes the mystery out of it. I’ll be referring my clients to this video so they better understand the necessary steps.

Robert Tyus
Tax Deed

Concise, timely, and clearly presented information.

Francois Kingsley

" i purchased mrs. Denise Evans consulting package six months ago and i highly recommend it. Mrs evans is a lawyer, university teacher, author, real estate developper and a tax sale expert. Her knowledge in alabama tax sales is unmatched by anyone in the state of alabama. I greatly benefitted from her advice, teaching material and guidance in the area of real estate investing and tax sales.

Paul Wieland
Consultation re ADOR auction purchase

Denise's guidance and answers to questions, enabled me to proceed with the purchase of a house auctioned by ADOR.

Barbara Turk
Worth Every Cent!

Denise provided the most comprehensive tax certificate/deed buying/selling guidance and information I've found anywhere. I've been buying and selling FL TDs for over 20 years-avoiding the AL market bc of the complexity of the process. No one should EVER consider buying AL certificates or deeds without getting the expert guidance of Denise at Butler Evan's Education.

Ways to use the force to master Tax Lien Auctions in Alabama

Tax Lien Auctions in Alabama is specialized so I was extremely impressed and excited about having taken FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions by Denise Evans. Denise is so knowledgeable. Anyone benefits from her expertise, from the person who may be a 1st time novice Investor to one with years of experience. The information I received completely blew my mind. During the class, whichever question we presented that was not able to be answered during class, Denise researched the matter and emailed the information to us. Myself & others benefitted from Denise going the extra yard. I believe the knowledge and wisdom obtained from Denise benefits small Investors such as myself and may even give us somewhat of a edge against Big dollar Hedge fund Investors. Denise is skillful at providing a clear picture of challenges an Investor may expect. When writing notes & listening to her knowledge, I sometimes got the chills because Denise's knowledge managed to surpass my high expectations -and- be nothing at all like I expected. Denise does a fantastic job explaining possible benefits as well as which drawbacks to be on the look out for and how to avoid them. I think Denise does a great job creating awareness about the prospective positive possibilities of Alabama Tax Lien Auctions. I strongly recommend taking her class.

Best money i’ve ever spent – Great Great help in growing my Business .Saved me hours of research time and from making needless mistakes.

Great Class!

Really enjoyed and benefited from the wealth of knowledge in this class!

2022 Changes to Tax Lien Sale Statutes - Synopsis
David Horton
Excellent Synopsis

Denise is spot on in her reviews and synopsis. Thanks again Denise!

2022 Changes to Tax Lien Sale Statutes - Synopsis
Brittany W


Foreclosure Investing
Bernard Mays Jr
Foreclosure Investing Virtual Session

The information was detailed but easy to follow. The slides are a great reference point as well. Look forward to putting the knowledge to good use.

Great Content!

This class is jam-packed full of information, taught by an expert in the field. I recommend it for anyone who is starting their journey into tax lien auctions in Alabama. Great class. Great teacher.
I cannot wait for the next one. Money well spent. Thank you!

Leases: Commercial
Ken Cochran

Commercial Leases