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Commercial Leases
Kelleigh Gamble
Informative Class

The class was very informative, helpful, and practical.



Who are heirs

Great Content

Great Insight

A very informative presentation about the history and the next steps to take.

Property Mgt 101

another nice class from a Real Lawyer covering The Law & a rather specific application scenario.

Im still reading the book but. It is very informative and in depth. I would so from what ive read so far that this book is a must have before beginning to purchase tax properties

Great Content! Excellent Teacher!

Denise is not only an expert regarding Alabama Tax Liens. She is very engaging as she teaches the class. I learned a lot from the class because she is so knowledgeable, but also because she keeps you plugged in with her teaching style. Loved it!

Invaluable class on tax liens 2 weeks before the sale!

Denise is the expert on tax sales in Alabama. And with the new lien sales very timely course. The information learned pays for the class on each property I buy and again on the ones i did not buy saving me time and anguish

Great, very informative class

Denise really knows her stuff. Clearly communicates knowledge and is very patient with questions. Never been disappointed in a class I have taken with her.

Tenant Default
Larry Cain

Excellent course. Lots of information on dealing with rental property. Denise does an excellent job and makes it easy to understand.

Tenant Default
Larry Cain

Excellent course. So much information.

Fantastic class

Fantastic class! This is my third course with Denise over the last 3 or 4 years and it was a home run. She once again provided not only valuable information, but also insight and perspective that will serve me well. I have reasonable experience with tax certificate sales, but tax lien sales were foreign to me....until today. Had I not taken this course I would absolutely have made decisions that would have cost me in the long run. She knows her stuff!!!!


Great Informaiton

Marie Crum
Much better understanding

Thank you for creating this course. I purchased the Intro and Changes for 2020 but I felt that I was missing something. This class is the connection I was missing. I have a better understanding of what is expected of me after purchasing the delinquent tax properties, what to do and when to do it.

Landlord Tenant Law
Raymond G Regner

This is a must-have class for property managers. This is the second year that I have taken this course as I have learned something new each time. Denise Evans is an outstanding instructor who presents Landlord-Tenant Law in such a manner that is well understood by the class participants. The class material is relevant and provides an excellent basis on which to use as reference or as a template to modify one’s own existing property management documents. This class is is an excellent value and well worth the time to attend.

Landlord Tenant Law
David Franklin

Thank you so much for the great information received in your class the other day. Being in property management, we are always looking for classes to attend to learn more about the law regarding our industry. It is ever changing and we need to be the best we can be. Your class was much needed along with getting the hours for CE. Thanks again

Problem Tenants
Rachel Williams

Denise is able to translate cross-disciplinary experience in a way that is personable and easy to understand.

Intro to Tax Sales
Bryan Miles
Must have

Do not invest in tax certificates or deeds until you take Denise's class. It is amazing what all is involved in purchasing certificates and deeds. Denise knows her stuff.

Class delivered

Great class. Within the first 15 minutes Denise shared a strategy , including the "how to", that could save me thousands in tax deductions. Sometimes you wonder whether if a class gives you a bang for the buck; this one delivered.
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Landlord Tenant Law

I much enjoyed the class of Residential Landlord Tenant Law. Denise is very knowledgeable and the class and slides and forms are very helpful! I highly recommend Denise!

Problem Tenants
Jennifer Brewster

Denise is always full of great information and helpful tips.

Intro to Tax Sales
Joette Keller
Easy to understand

Very informative. Easy to understand and follow.
Denise keeps you engaged. (A+)

Quieting Title
Janis Taylor
Easy, fun class

As always Denise Evans presented informative material in a manner that was easy to grasp and fun to listen to. I'm a repeat customer and plan to attend more of her classes.

I need a drink!

In the world of property management, I have realized that there is no world like it! I feel like I am lost on a planet of disgruntled tenants and people that I will never be able to satisfy- no matter what I do! But the key is to have the answers. To know what you are doing. Denise helps with that. She is a world of knowledge and every time I take her classes, I feel equipped and confident in what I am doing.

Answered many questions

Very good information! This video answered so many questions for me and it was delivered in a way that made it easy to digest.
I can now move forward with my property with confidence and understanding.