Alabama Tax Sales Book
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Alabama Tax Sales Book

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Edition 18.2, updated immediately after new law changes in May of 2024. Includes extensive coverage of tax lien investing, in addition to traditional tax certificate and tax deed investing.  248 pages.

The book will be mailed by USPS. At time of purchase, you will also receive a link to download a file with the following forms in MS Word for easy customization: 

  • Judicial foreclosure lawsuit for tax liens (dramatic changes in May 2024)
  • Demand for possession (forms for tax certificate only and separate form for tax deed owner)
  • Ejectment lawsuit
  • ADOR inventory public auctions
  • Tax certificate overbid treasure hunt is back!!! Learn the rules
  • Quiet title lawsuit (in rem forms and in personam forms) (some changes)
  • Trial brief arguing judicial redemption rights can be cut off with three years of possession after the tax certificate, not the tax deed
  • Alabama quitclaim deed with required verification content

Book is fully footnoted with citations to all statutes, appellate decisions, and other sources. Includes table of contents, table of authorities and index. Download copy of table of contents, HERE, to see topics covered.  Copyright protected.

Customer Reviews

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Xiaodi Autry
Great Book!

I bought this book ( older version ) in 2018 and learned everything from it to start investing in Alabama. I loved it so much and bought it again this year to learn more strategies on Tax lien purchase and to keep up with the ever changing legislatures and new court decisions. Thank you Denise to make things so easy to understand and very practical to use.

Shane Morand

Im still reading the book but. It is very informative and in depth. I would so from what ive read so far that this book is a must have before beginning to purchase tax properties

THE expert

So excited to purchase the 2020 tax sale book! the previous tax books from her have all been very informative and helpful. She IS without a doubt the expert in the state of Alabama, if you are searching for knowledge of Alabama Property Tax Sale laws her website and courses offer a heap of information!

Clyde Lane
Very helpful

Nice book. Very helpful.

Anastasia Jordan
Tax Lien Bible

I went from collecting WIC checks to cashing rent checks. Thanks Denise!

Asia, I've watched you grow from a complete newbie doing this part time to someone who is an experienced and financially independent investor. You've really worked hard and smart, and I'm so excited for you and your children and your bright and wonderful futures.