Alabama Tax Sales Book
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Alabama Tax Sales Book

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2023 edition.

THE complete resource for the Alabama tax sale investor, county administrator, or attorney. Plain English, and easy to understand.  Over 300 pages of practical advice, legal analysis and resources.  Book covers tax certificate, tax deeds and tax liens: procedures, strategies, issues, and opportunities.  

Fully footnoted with citations to all statutes, appellate decisions, and other sources. Includes index and table of contents. Copyright protected.

Click HERE to download free copy of complete 2023 Table of Contents, Table of Authorities and Index to see how very complete this resource is.

Customer Reviews

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Shane Morand

Im still reading the book but. It is very informative and in depth. I would so from what ive read so far that this book is a must have before beginning to purchase tax properties

THE expert

So excited to purchase the 2020 tax sale book! the previous tax books from her have all been very informative and helpful. She IS without a doubt the expert in the state of Alabama, if you are searching for knowledge of Alabama Property Tax Sale laws her website and courses offer a heap of information!

Clyde Lane
Very helpful

Nice book. Very helpful.

Q. Avery

Alabama Tax Sales MASTERMIND! When the key factor is KNOWLEDGE every product that Butler Education provides on this website is vital to starting the journey dealing with Alabama Tax Sales. Denise Evans w/ Butler Evans Education has found the right mixture to increase students knowledge base no matter what stage/level they’re at in investing. The products that I personally purchased were the Intro to Alabama Tax Sales, Alabama Tax Sales Book, and Possession, Ejectment, and Quieting Title Video. Might have been a little over kill for getting the beginner Intro course due to my years of experience, but I needed to start from the ground floor which the Intro course completely accomplished that task. If you are looking for a Coach/Guru/Mastermind/Professional, which I have never, heard Denise self proclaim herself as being such. You are in the right place!!! Denise has a wealth of information and is willing to take phone calls to clear things up that you may not understand.

Great book

I was hungry to learn more and get started in tax sales. This book has given me the confidence to act and feel confident I am doing it the right and legal way. GREAT BOOK!!!