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Consulting services from Denise Evans--experienced landlord, property manager, business attorney and business consultant. Author of nationally published real estate investing books and textbooks, and former adjunct professor of real estate at University of Alabama.  Item price is per-15-minutes of time. 

Consulting services for all real estate related questions large or small, including

  • Solutions to specific problems/questions
  • Accounting issues
  • Explanations of legal concepts and requirements
  • Business practices
  • Policies and procedures
  • Site visits and recommendations
  • Anything else real estate-related!
Billed in 15 minute increments of $100 per 15 minutes.  Most consulting requests can be provided with a firm fee, so you know exactly what financial commitment you are making.

Customer Reviews

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Quentin Collins
Awesome Service!

Denise help me work out a title issue when I couldn't find anyone else to help. I went to four other people, and none of them would help me, but when I went to Denise, she hopped right in and help me get my situation resolved. She was thorough and diligent with helping me get the title issues resolved on my property. Not only did she assist me with getting the issues resolved, She also educated me along the way. I would highly recommend her to help you with you tax property needs.

Monroe Jackson
Expert Guidance and Reassurance: Denise Evans Delivers Exceptional Advice

I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Attorney Denise Evans, a true luminary in the field of Tax Deed investing. Denise, whom I consider my YouTube hero, provided me with invaluable insights and guidance that exceeded my expectations.

As a newcomer to the realm of Tax Deed investing, I sought Denise's expertise to ensure I was on the right track and adhering to current laws. From the outset, Denise demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of Tax Deed investing, quickly addressing the specific concerns I had. Her ability to distill complex legal concepts into clear, comprehensible explanations reassured me and left me confident in the decisions I needed to make.

Denise's dual expertise as a nationally recognized authority on Tax Deed investing and a real estate agent uniquely positions her as a trusted advisor. Her judgment, rooted in a wealth of experience, instills a sense of confidence that is invaluable, especially in the intricate landscape of real estate law.

The information Denise shared during our conversation was not only thorough but also served to corroborate much of my independent research. This alignment reinforced my confidence that I was indeed on the right track and provided valuable insights that complemented my existing knowledge. Denise's guidance not only kept me in line with current legal requirements but also assured me that navigating the complexities of Tax Deed investing could be executed in a timely and efficient manner.

In conclusion, Denise Evans is a beacon of expertise and reassurance in the realm of Tax Deed investing. Whether you're a novice or seasoned investor, Denise's guidance is indispensable. I wholeheartedly endorse Denise Evans for her exceptional legal acumen, unwavering professionalism, and the confidence she instills in those fortunate enough to seek her counsel.

Zachary Wright
Super-helpful with Tax Deed Issue

Denise advised me through a deed issue. She had been highly recommended by numerous people. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was very responsive and guided me clearly through every step. If I ever needed anything else in this area, she would absolutely be the first person I contacted.

Robert Tyus
Tax Deed

Concise, timely, and clearly presented information.

Francois Kingsley

" i purchased mrs. Denise Evans consulting package six months ago and i highly recommend it. Mrs evans is a lawyer, university teacher, author, real estate developper and a tax sale expert. Her knowledge in alabama tax sales is unmatched by anyone in the state of alabama. I greatly benefitted from her advice, teaching material and guidance in the area of real estate investing and tax sales.