FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions
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FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions

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Dramatically different tax sale process being used by 42 counties in 2022, including Jefferson. The tax lien auction has different procedures, consequences to buyers, due diligence requirements and bidding strategies.  Higher interest rates than a certificate auction. Online bidding will be available.  Effectively compete against the hedge funds, without needing a pile of cash to do it!  Take this class to learn how you can invest in those counties. Class includes a strategy that allows you to take possession, assuming you follow the rules EXACTLY the way explained in class. Otherwise, no possession allowed at all, until you foreclose your lien 3 years after the auction.

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Antonio Espinoza
Ways to use the force to master Tax Lien Auctions in Alabama

Tax Lien Auctions in Alabama is specialized so I was extremely impressed and excited about having taken FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions by Denise Evans. Denise is so knowledgeable. Anyone benefits from her expertise, from the person who may be a 1st time novice Investor to one with years of experience. The information I received completely blew my mind. During the class, whichever question we presented that was not able to be answered during class, Denise researched the matter and emailed the information to us. Myself & others benefitted from Denise going the extra yard. I believe the knowledge and wisdom obtained from Denise benefits small Investors such as myself and may even give us somewhat of a edge against Big dollar Hedge fund Investors. Denise is skillful at providing a clear picture of challenges an Investor may expect. When writing notes & listening to her knowledge, I sometimes got the chills because Denise's knowledge managed to surpass my high expectations -and- be nothing at all like I expected. Denise does a fantastic job explaining possible benefits as well as which drawbacks to be on the look out for and how to avoid them. I think Denise does a great job creating awareness about the prospective positive possibilities of Alabama Tax Lien Auctions. I strongly recommend taking her class.

Frank McGough

Best money i’ve ever spent – Great Great help in growing my Business .Saved me hours of research time and from making needless mistakes.

Jeri Henry
Great Class!

Really enjoyed and benefited from the wealth of knowledge in this class!

Sonia Bertolone
Great Content!

This class is jam-packed full of information, taught by an expert in the field. I recommend it for anyone who is starting their journey into tax lien auctions in Alabama. Great class. Great teacher.
I cannot wait for the next one. Money well spent. Thank you!

Jason Quero
Title is exactly what you expect with a secret twist

Denise is a veteran in the business. You need top notch people like her to learn the smart and right way of doing tax liens other than youtube university. Great interaction. Great class.