Tax Sale Strategies
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Tax Sale Strategies

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For the first time EVER, a step-by-step teaching system that walks you through successful tax sale strategies.  Class and video both include free videos on Tax Certificate/Deed Investing (3 hours) and Tax Lien Investing (3 hours) for background.  VERY LIMITED seating. Reserve your spot early. 

Topics for this class or video include:

  1. Upcoming ADOR Auctions-New
  2. BHM Land Bank
  3. Tax Certificate Overbid Claim Strategy-New
  4. Lien Foreclosure Overbid Money Strategy-New
  5. Charitable Deductions From "Dog" Properties
  6. Tax Certificate Auctions
  7. Tax Certificate/Deed Secondary Market
  8. Vulture Redemption Strategy
  9. Vulture Rioprop Strategy
  10. Vulture Void Tax Sale Strategy
  11. Financing Redemptions for Taxpayers 
  12. Lien Auction Spoilers
  13. Lien Auction Possession (a work-around, even though not allowed by statutes)
  14. Income Tax Tips--General info for everybody
  15. Buy/Fix/Flip
  16. Buy/Fix/Hold
  17. Buy/Fix/Seller-Finance
  18. Choice of Business Entity
  19. ID Target Properties
  20. Borrowing Money for Investment
  21. Rehab/Reno Advice


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Malcolm McLeod
Tax Sales Seminar

Great Information / Great Instructor - Denise is the Gold Standard of the Field -

The class pays for itself

Denise's class on Tax Deed and Certificates is an invaluable investment, offering far-reaching benefits that surpass its cost. The wealth of knowledge and substance it provides justifies every penny spent. I'm deeply grateful for Denise's unwavering dedication to delivering such a thorough and enriching learning experience. Her expertise shines brightly in elucidating the complexities of tax certificates and tax deed sales within the real estate domain. With remarkable ease and clarity, she navigates through these intricate topics, setting a standard of excellence that is truly commendable.